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Hi, I'm Peita Mages, Director of Clever Cookie Academy...

As a Minister's Award for Excellence in Teaching recipient, and Head Teacher of English, I know how to instil a love of learning in our students, and teaching in educators. I know that students need to be inspired by their teachers. To feel that their teacher is invested in their learning and believes that they can succeed. I also know that teachers are passionate professionals who are often time-poor and seeking practical solutions and resources to perfect their practice. That's where I come in...


Hi, I'm Rob Mages, Director of Clever Cookie Academy...


As a former Mathematics and Assistant Head Maths Teacher, I love to build students' confidence in Mathematics. Unlike a lot of Maths teachers, I wasn't always enamoured with Maths! I think having struggled with the subject in my teenage years has helped me to explain pivotal strategies in a way that students understand and appreciate. My background in the corporate sector also means that I apply mathematical concepts to a real-world setting, tackling the 'when will I EVER use this in my life' question, head on! 


Meet the Alumni


“Not only did she Peita (CCA) ACTUALLY make English enjoyable, she was preparing us for life us much as she was for our assignments. She has changed my way of everyday thinking forever. Thank you for being the best teacher anyone could ever ask for.” 

Joshua Basford.




"Peita (CCA) helped me improve in every single area of English, whether it be creative writing, section 1/unseen texts, and essays. I never thought it would be possible to receive a Band 6 in English, but with her continuous guidance she allowed me to smash the HSC and get a mark I was extremely proud of!" 

Poppy Chippendale.


I received a Band 6!


“Before having Peita, you could say I didn’t enjoy English at all, which reflected in my results as I received C’s in almost everything and occasionally a B. Now having finished the HSC in 2017, I can proudly say English was one of my best results as I received a band 6 and Mages had a huge role in helping me achieve this.” 

Olivia Kerwick.

My exam marks skyrocketed!


“With her wealth of knowledge and savvy exam preparation strategies, Peita Mages’s (CCA) tutelage elevated my examination marks from averaging 80-85% (band 5 in HSC marking scheme) to 95-100% (high band 6) during my final two years of high school. For this I am eternally grateful.” 

Cosette Craig

Her work ethic inspired me


“I believe what influenced me to improve so much in English was just seeing the crazy work ethic Peita (CCA) possessed. It wasn’t unusual for her to receive drafts a day before the due date, and send them back to you…covered in her red ink the same day.”

 Bailey Gorannson.

She motivated me to work harder


“Not only was Peita able to enhance my overall results in English, she motivated me to do my greatest work, as she was able to see that I could do it. She believed in me and this made me believe in myself. Being able to find a teacher that pushes you, and wants you to succeed, is definitely the difference between a good result and a bad result. 

Cody Logan

Her passion for English is infectious


“Being a sporty kid I was never interested in English, until I began tutoring. Somehow, in her way, she relates to every kid and adapts individual learning methods to not only engage them all in the content, but she also has a knack to squeeze the absolute best out of every single student who is lucky enough to be taught/tutored by her. Her passion to help kids be the best they can be is probably why she is so successful as a teacher.” 

Hayden Dillon

She got me organised!


With mentoring, I was given assistance in arranging study and schoolwork in all subjects around my busy schedule, which really made the HSC less stressful, as I felt far more organised. The mentoring was invaluable in helping me achieve in my HSC, as a student that doesn’t push myself as much as I should in situations such as examinations. I ended up achieving an ATAR much higher than I was expecting, setting me up for Uni.

Harry Macpherson



Results I couldn't have imagined!


“Peita (CCA) is without a doubt, the best teacher I have ever had. Her engagement with students, her knowledge of texts and her dedication and commitment to putting every student first is second to none. Before, I was achieving an average mark of 70 or below in all English assessment tasks and exams. However, since having Peita as my teacher, my marks rapidly increased and achieved a Band 6 in my HSC English exams! Her guidance along the way was pivotal.” 

Ally Livermore.

She sparked a fire in me!


“I KNEW she saw potential in me and I KNEW she would push me and push me until I got the results I wanted. Thanks to her I went from a D student in year 9 to getting a band 5 in the HSC, that might not sound like much to you but for me that was one of my biggest achievements in high school. She’s such a determined, passionate and incredible person, she literally radiates motivation and if you don’t find drive within yourself from just being around her and having her mentor you I don’t know what will. Not only did Mages help me with English but I honestly believe she sparked a fire in me that has motivated me and led me to where I am today and I wouldn’t even be close to where I am if I hadn’t been lucky enough to stumble upon her.” 

Tamika Tametea. 

There was always room to improve


“Peita was able to help any student whether they were failing english or already succeeding. Even the brightest students would benefit greatly from her teaching. I achieved my best results possible with her because even when I would receive full marks she would always help me strive to improve my writing. With Mrs Mages teaching there is always room for improvement and she ensures that you remain dedicated and hard working until the very end.” 

Poppy Chippendale. 

A love of English beyond school


“Having such an amazingly kind and caring teacher made English so much more enjoyable for every student in her class. I truly believe that she changed not only my perception of what English was, but every other person in my class also.”

Georgia Watson 

No one gets left behind!


“She tailored her lessons to each student whilst never excluding anyone. She ensures the best learning experience and environment, and her dedication to her craft led to amazing results from every student within the classroom, and a fun atmosphere that left everyone wanting to come back for more!” 

Jordan Moe

I pushed past mental barriers


“Peita of Clever Cookie Academy (my high school English teacher from 2015-2018) was able to help me move past this mental block, and to find an authentic creative writing voice that I was confident to use. Her superb teaching also elevated my essay writing and comprehension skills, enabling me to write with originality and flair even under the toughest of examination conditions.” 

Cosette Craig