We’re baking dreamers and doers at CCA HQ. We’re talking light-bulb moments, fist pumps and personal bests. Cookies who want to be here and rockstar teachers who can’t wait to blow their minds!


At CCA we are ALL experts in our teaching field. But we know that setting a student up for success is about sooooo much more than teaching content and skills. It’s all about the ol’ 3 H’s… heart, hustle and high expectations. So we go above and beyond. We connect with our Cookies waaaaay beyond their weekly session. We invest in them as people and we demand their very best. And magical things start to happen…


There are plenty of options for “tutoring.” It’s just… we’re not tutors.

We are different.

1. We are ALL trained teachers and experts in the current curriculum. Minister’s Awards and 35-year teaching careers don’t grow on trees ya know.

2. Our team includes former Secondary English, Maths and Science Head Teachers and 10 years + experienced primary teachers familiar with current curriculum. To boot, we are teacher trainersWhich pretty much means… we know our shiz.

3. Our small group sessions are lovingly prepared lessons with tailored resources, NOT a ‘show me what you’ve been doing in class and I’ll piece together a lil’ lesson on the fly kinda operation.’ This means we GET results.

4. In our small groups, NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND. Plus our Cookies benefit from interacting with like-minded learning legends (alliteration…you like?) who question, bounce, marinate and elevate their learning! (Check out our video on Small Group Learning!)

5. WE do the nagging, so YOU can be the parent! They’re stuck on a maths problem on the weekend? You email us. We reply. They need help drafting an essay? We’re there. Can’t manage their time? Our kickass teachers provide extra resources and the kick up the bum your Cookie needs to stay on track!

6. Sure, we like Cookies, but we won’t sugarcoat it. If they’re not themselves? You’ll hear from us. If they’re not working to their full potential? You’ll know it. If they’re not the right fit at CCA? We’re not backwards in coming forwards! Our jar is always plentiful, but you’ll never be a number at CCA.

7. We’re not a school. We are not bound by governing bodies to rush through content to tick a box. We are able to progress our Cookies when THEY are ready, which means we can accelerate students who are ready regardless of age OR ensure they have the basic skills to catch up to their cohort. You will know EXACTLY where your Cookie is thriving and/or needs further development.

Photo of Clever Cookie Academy co-founder Peita Mages teaching a classroom of high school students.
Photo of Rob Mages, Clever Cookie Academy co-founder, teaching a classroom of high school students.


We offer small group-based sessions in:

  • Primary English and Mathematics
  • Secondary Sciences
  • Secondary English
  • Secondary Mathematics
  • Study Skills and Time Management

We also offer Holiday Masterclasses. Yep! Our Cookies can’t get enough of the good stuff during the term so they FLOCK to us during the hols’. These courses are hugely popular, so run, don’t walk.



  • K-6 Maths
  • High School Readiness Maths
  • Years 7-9 Mathematics
  • Senior School Blitz (Year 10)
  • Standard Mathematics
  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Extension 1 Mathematics
  • Extension 2 Mathematics


  • K-6 English
  • High School Readiness English
  • Years 7-9 English
  • Senior School Blitz (Year 10)
  • Standard English
  • Advanced English


  • Physics
  • Chemistry