There will be none of that anonymous testimonial bahooky here. Anonymous testimonials are pretty icky in our humble opinion.
We’ve got REAL results from REAL students. OVERWHELMING gratitude from parents. HIGH PRAISE from schools.
And we ain’t afraid to show it…


“Thank you for inspiring and motivating Jackson through this crazy year. He loves the extension and academic challenges you guys set and Ben and I are so appreciative.”

– Bec D.

“After 7 years of Primary School and never winning an award, this year Oliver achieved Academic Excellence and Outstanding Application to Maths. A significant portion of the credit for this award must go to you for all the time you have spent with him in the High School Maths Readiness group”

– Michelle A.

“We can never thank you enough for what you did for Jack – he would never have had the confidence to undertake what he did without you – not only for English but for all his subjects – his commitment to his study was amazing and I believe this is due to your influence. You are an amazing human being!”

– Susan K.

“Hi Rob, just wanted to give you the awesome news… Ethan got the highest score in his class and the entire Year 9 for Maths. He’s soo proud of himself as we are too. Thank you once again! He couldn’t have done it without you believing in him.”

– Rebecca L.

“Grace absolutely enjoyed every minute of her time with CCA! Her confidence with English was lacking dismally and your awesomeness, motivation and encouragement put the spark back in my daughter. I’m eternally grateful.”

– Kylie B.

“Cherry absolutely LOVES her Friday 4pm Maths tutoring with you. She looks forward to Friday afternoon in a way I haven’t seen her do before and bounces back into the car afterwards saying how much she loves Maths tutoring, even on a Friday afternoon!!”

– Lucy W.

“Dear Rob and Peita, just wanted to say thank you so much for starting your business!! Amazing what a few weeks of tutoring for Tom did for his Trial HSC marks. You guys really GET boys!! It has been a game changer for Tom and his confidence in tackling English! He has gone from being ranked 25th/33 in KWS Standard English to 6th/33!! Between Holiday Masterclasses and regular tutoring you’ve shown Tom a different way of looking at English that he understands! THANK YOU!”

– Jo R.

“I have to tell you that my son got 90% in his Maths assessment last week!! He was SO happy (as I am too!!) He came 2nd and the highest was 94% which is just so unlike all his previous maths results – ever! I have absolutely no doubt that your help has been instrumental in him achieving that amazing result! You guys really have a gift for making learning enjoyable and the results are proof!”

– Sally M.

“Just wanted to thank you for helping Ed so much with his English. His results from last term were amazing – we know he worked very hard, which is great, but he REALLY couldn’t have done it without your input. English was getting rather frustrating for him as he does try hard and it was difficult for him to figure out how to improve. I’m so glad we found out about you, and that you’re helping him – and so many of his cohort too. Whatever you teach them seems to be exactly what they need to know”

– Des and Mary T.


“You literally pulled me back from the dead, I was unsalvageable, and I definitely wouldn’t have made this comeback without your help! You are a legend!”

– Sam A.

“Matthew was super helpful in building up my confidence for the entire course, we only had him for a minimal amount of time but I felt that I learnt so much from him in that short time.”

– Grace W.

“Before, I was achieving an average mark of 70 or below in all English tasks. However, since having Peita as my teacher my marks rapidly increased to the point where I was able to achieve a Band 6 in my HSC English exams.”

– Ally L.

“Rob truly cared how I went in Maths and presented content in a way that allowed me to connect with the real world. He provided great tips on how to study and prepare efficiently for exams/tests, which allowed me to go into them feeling ready.”

– Amy C.

“I knew she would push me and push me until I got the results I wanted. I went from a D student in Year 9 to getting a Band 5 in the HSC. She literally radiates motivation and if you can’t find drive within yourself from just being around her and having her mentor you, I don’t know what will.”

– Tamika T.

“No Maths lesson was ever dull with Rob and I went from being a student who hated Maths to an eager A-grade student who looked forward to every lesson.”

– Alex R.

“Peita was able to help me move past this mental block, and to find an authentic creative voice that I was confident to use. Her superb teaching enabled me to write with originality and flair even under the toughest of examination conditions.”

– Cosette C.


“I can’t recommend Peita Mages of Clever Cookie Academy highly enough. Her energy, enthusiasm and humour is instantly palpable and she is able to get even the most reluctant, disengaged students on board. Peita has a comprehensive understanding of the prescribed texts for both Standard and Advanced. She concentrates on short, sharp activities that focus on the process of text deconstruction and the composition of responses appropriate to the requirements and weighting of the question. Her Writer Ignitor Course ensures that every student is armed with a range of original ideas for imaginative, persuasive, and discursive texts. If you haven’t yet invited Peita Mages to your school, you should!”

– Jude Murphy, Senior Mentor, Kelso High School.

“We​ have Peita come back each year to help our Year 12 students revise and prepare for their Trial and HSC Examinations. Not only do her sessions help our students ace their exams, she provides the teachers with a number of resources to solidify a variety of teaching methods. Peita has a way of instantly building rapport with the students, there are plenty of laughs and she has a wonderful way of creating a safe space for all students to share their ideas and responses. We receive so much positive feedback about Peita, particularly the ways she leads, motivates and gives students confidence in their abilities. They also love when she writes alongside them, providing them with concrete examples and approaches to a variety of tasks. Her sessions benefit both staff and students, and I couldn’t recommend her more!”

– Lauren Kenny, Head of English, Penrith Anglican College.

“Peita, from Clever Cookie Academy, came to Cowra High School and delivered the Writer Ignitor workshop with vigour. She instantly built rapport with all 66 students and developed a program that was both engaging and challenging, allowing students to develop a series of short writes. Students were enthusiastic in their response to each task and took pride in sharing their best sentences with Peita and the rest of the group. The workshop helped build confidence in all students, no matter what their strength and instilled skills that they could bring back into the classroom. The program was innovative and is a great place to be begin if you want to build a positive culture in your school around creative writing.”

– Melinda Rowston, English/Drama Teacher, Cowra High School.


“I attended both the LANTITE Numeracy and Literacy courses today and they were great! Both Rob and Nicolette were amazing in the way they approached the lessons and went out of their ways to make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable throughout the lessons. I feel so much more confident in sitting my upcoming exams now and I couldn’t recommend this wonderful business more highly!”

– Abbey G.

“I attended the LANTITE numeracy workshop with Rob at Clever Cookie Academy and it was great. I came to the workshop hoping to come out with a deeper understanding of what I need to know before completing the exam. I can now say that after attending the workshop, I feel more confident in sitting the exam and knowing what to expect in the questions.”

– Olivia K.

“The session this morning was great! It really helped me understand what I am going to be in for doing the LANTITE test. It was really useful to break down and practise a range of different questions. I am feeling a lot more confident!”

– Chloe L.