We spent YEARS teaching in schools before creating CCA and bringing in expert speakers was always a part of our secret sauce… 

Why? Because sometimes kids just need to hear a fresh voice. A different perspective. Someone else saying EXACTLY what you’ve been saying repeatedly, but that they never listened to LOL! 

We LURVE our partnerships with schools HARD and we’ve got the runs on the board to help your faculty and school level up! 

Whether you need Junior or Senior English, Maths, NAPLAN Prep, HSC Visual Arts or Dance Writing Bootcamps. We GOTCHU!

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Our English and Maths school-based bootcamps are legendary. We BRING the energy, the teaching expertise and the instant rapport with students and our results speak for themselves. We’ve been presenting school bootcamps to Cowra High School since 2019 and have witnessed their transformed HSC results. 2023 saw them climb 127 places in the HSC rankings, achieving Band 6 in Art and band 5’s in Advanced English. Even more impressive was their eradication of Bands 1, 2 and 3 in English. 


There’s nothing we love more than professionally developing passionate teachers. Whether you are looking to create engaging programming, shift the learning culture in your faculty, finesse assessment or tackle explicit teaching of particular skillsetswe’ve got the goods. Check out our testimonials for schools who’ve engaged our services since 2019! 


Starting out in teaching can be a daunting prospect. And School leadership, particularly managing a faculty can be a lonely and thankless task at timesSuccessful teaching must be underpinned by sustainable practice (especially in a teacher exodus) and excellence in teaching and learning leadership requires emotional intelligence, passion and innovation. We want to see you thriving, not just surviving! Take Jessie Adams, from Kelso High, whose faculty has just achieved their first Band 6 in Advanced English since 2012 and climbed the HSC rankings significantly! 

Keen to have the Cookie whisperers visit your school?