Calling Advanced English students from Bourke to Balmain, NSW!  

Do you feel like your child is drowning in Advanced English? That despite how hard they work their results are mediocre? Are they sitting in a classroom full of disengaged students, wishing they could spend more time learning and less time listening to the teacher managing behaviour?  Or, are they at the top of their game but still wanting the edge to achieve that illusive (but achievable) Band 6 in Advanced English?  

Introducingthe CCA Virtual Classroom! 

What is this Virtual Sorcery? 

The CCA Virtual Classroomis a 10-week Module A Advanced, high-energy learn-a-palooza with yours truly that’s part expert teaching, partexam preparation andpart tough love. The goal? To transform your child from feeling frustrated, underprepared and ill-equipped to confidently reaching their personal best in English. Welcome teach them how to:  

  • Become expert question attackers 
  • Understand the required rigour for top results 
  • Deliver quality responses in timed conditions 
  • Develop enhanced time management and study habits 



    Our results don’t lie 

    For the past 5 years over 85% of our Advanced English students have achieved Band 5’s and above. The small percentage who achieve Band 4’s have come to CCA on D averages and managed to pull their results up to a respectable 70-80% and we are just as proud of these students as we are our Band 6 achievers. In addition to the exceptional grades achieved, students report that they rediscover a love for English that has been lost in the pressure of HSC, a boost in confidence as they approach examination, and relief that they FINALLY know the rules of the HSC game and HOW to prepare for the rigorous nature of the HSC English Examination. 


    Taught by a Minister’s Award Winner 

    Ultimately, your child will be learning the smarter not harder way to attack HSC Module A from Peita, a Minister’s Award winner for Excellence in Teaching (awarded for record breaking HSC results), a former Head Teacher English, current teacher trainer/mentor and Expert School Speaker.She’s also renowned for pulling personal bests out of her students, but don’t take our word for it – check out what her students say here: 

    Ready to change your Cookie’s English life? 

    Join the CCA Virtual Classroom! 


    Has the HSC got you shook? 

    We’ve created one heckuva parent resource and we’re totally spilling our guts on the 10 Superpowers of Most Successful Students! 

     PLUS: We’ve included tips on how YOU can encourage your cherub to adopt these habits! 

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